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Below you will see the list of book titles, currently available or in the process of being published.  More titles are planned so please keep checking from time to time to see what has been added.

If there is any particular area that interests you and it does not appear to be covered by the titles listed then please let us know and we will consider creating a book around that subject.

To get a short overview of what is covered in a particular book along with the number of pages simply click on the image of the book cover and the information will be revealed.

All books are priced at the same
base price (US$79.95) but if you order before the timer reaches zero, and also enter the Promo  Code in the email/ad/flyer that brought you to this site

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Promo-Codes consist of 3 letters + 3 numbers (eg ABC123). This must be entered. If you don’t have one please use this link and one will be immediately sent to you.

If you click on the title of a particular book below and no information is provided, then it simply means that this title is still being prepared for publication.

If the book you purchased has been published you will be sent a down load link within a few hours.

If it has not been published you can still safely go ahead and order. Completion of the book will then be given priorty and you will receive your PDF copy within 7 days.  You will be advised of this when your order is received.