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Eurocom Marketing Ltd is headed by me Henry Newrick, lifelong publisher and fanatical marketer. You can follow the ups and downs along with the twists and turns of my life at www.HenryNewrick.com.

I am quite simply driven by marketing in all its forms – advertising / sales / PR – and so on.

Having been a print publisher since my early years (started at 11), then through university and much of my adult life, it is print advertising that has always interested me. Over the years I have sold a lot of advertising space and managed many publications.  I read magazines and newspapers as much for their ads as I do the editorial.

It was Lord Thomson (Thomson of Fleet) the Canadian publisher and one time owner of The Times and Sunday Times who once described newspaper editorial as ‘the space between the advertising’.  He knew where his priorities lay for without advertising many a fine publication has withered on the vine. His successor, Rupert Murdoch placed greater emphasis on quality editorial figuring that the ads would follow. This approach  is fine if you have deep pockets like Murdoch – but not if you are a start-up with limited capital.
Referring to the New Zealand marketplace my friend Hugh Rennie, one time Chairman of the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, once wrote that “more magazines have started and failed (in New Zealand) than you or I have had breakfasts”.  And in my 20+ years here in the UK I have seen many magazines and even newspapers come and go. Without advertising, a magazine rarely lasts long, no matter how good the editorial – and in this, the internet age, survival has become even more difficult.

I love print advertising, trying to figure out the good from the bad and the successful from the unsuccessful.

What makes one ad succeed and another fail?  The most important element which many an advertiser forgets at his (or her) peril is that the prospective customer doesn’t really give a damn about the name of the advertiser or that they’ve been in business for 30 years. They want to know ‘What’s in it for me?’  Therefore a headline that trumpets the name of the advertiser and NOT the benefit to the prospect is literally throwing money down the drain.

The Bumper Book series are designed to show you a wide range of print advertisments; to give you ideas and inspire your creativity. Chances are that in some instances the books may also benefit the advertisers whose ads are featured, either through direct business or possibly even through joint ventures. If you see someone advertising a product or service in some other region or country other than yours, then maybe you can enter into an arrangement to market that product in your area.

In any event, let’s have your feedback and comments including suggestions for further titles.

If you’d like to provide a testimonial you should also include the URL of your website (if you have  one) and we’ll feature it.  It may bring you extra business and also help your search engine rankings.

Meet The Team

Although the concept and selection of ads for inclusion in the various titles has been very much my responsibility the research that made all this possible could, in no way, be handled by one person and I am thankful to my team of researchers who, between them have clipped tens of thousands of ads, new and old, in recent months and have thus given me the raw material to draw upon.

Thanks therefore go to:

Olga in Ukraine, Linda in the Philippines along with Jhun and his team of researchers, also in the Philippines.

For the initial cover design I am indebted to Nehara in Dubai and for the updating Mark in Macedonia.

For the video production on this website I thank Benny in the United States and the voice-over was done by Morris, originally from Northern Ireland, now living in the United States.

This website was created by Dreamztech from Arizona (USA) but with offices in London and the tech team in India. Thanks to Krish, Raj & Evan (London) along with rest of the team.

I mention these people, not just to acknowledge them, but also to show what a global marketplace we now  live in.

Pre 1995 my entire staff would have been basedin one or two offices.  Then along came the internet and global outsourcing.  Now, with sites like Elance, Guru, Fiverr, FiveSquids and many similar sites it’s possible to bring together people from all the world to work on a single project.

The books that you now see, along with the website have resulted from the combined efforts of persons living in not 1 or 2 – but 7 countries across 3 continents.

Affiliates Wanted

If you have a database of business owners and would like to become an Affiliate marketing these books, please send an email to Info@TeamGroupUK.com with the subject line AFFILIATE along with your contact details. Generous commissions are payable.

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