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Welcome to Bumper Books

Bumper Books are Special Reports featuring a wide selection of print adverts, old and new, covering a particular industry or industries.

They are called Bumper because there are hundreds of ads in each report.  These ads are extracted from magazines and newspapers published regionally & nationally, mainly within the UK and USA, but also from other English speaking countries such as Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, etc.

The idea behind Bumper Books is very simple.

You may be required to write an ad for your product or service but are short on ideas.

You must get the job done quickly and therefore need a source to get your creative juices flowing.

What better way than to look at what others in your industry are doing, not just in the region where your business is located – but also in other parts of the country or even overseas.

Looking at the ads may give you ideas for both copy and layout.  Adapt what you see to your needs but don’t steal outright.  If an ad is so impressive that you would like to use the copy and layout and you are not competing with the advertiser (because they are in a different region or country) then, for a negotiated fee, they may be willing to supply you with a copy of the original source files.

On the other hand you may not be writing an ad but simply looking for ideas that you might profitably bring to your business.

It could well be that the idea is proving popular overseas but has not yet reached your country. The opportunities here are boundless and limited only by your imagination.

For example: You may own a pizza business in the UK and are wondering how to get the edge over your competitors.  You see an ad for a delivery service in the US that says ‘Delivery in 30 Minutes or it’s Free’.

That’s a great USP (ie Unique Selling Proposition) and you decide to try it out. Of course we know this one was created by Tom Monaghan of Domino’s and has already been used in the past. But you get the picture.

These sorts of examples are all over the place.

Just look at the ads with an open mind and see how you can apply what’s working in some other part of the world to your business, either directly or by adding your own special twist.

To compile these books we work with researchers in a number of countries. Our team searches thousands of magazines & newspapers then extracts display ads that we think might appeal to our readers.

These are then collated into a series of industry specific ebooks which you will find set out on the Catalog page.  Depending on the size of the market, these books range from 100 to as many as 350+ pages.

Some books contain over 400 ads. It all depends on the popularity of the subject and what we have found.  Every few months we will publish new books in the same field so you have the option of being continually updated.  Join our mailing list and you’ll go into a regular draw whereby you could win your choice of books.

When you go to the Catalog page click on the image of any book you are interested in.  You will then see the number of pages in that book, along with a short description.


Given the amount of research involved, along with the cost of magazine subscriptions, arriving at the right price has not been easy.

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If you are a Marketing Consultancy or Ad Agency with a variety of clients then you may wish to acquire a number of books in the series. For every 3 that you purchase you will receive another completely free of charge.  This effectively gives you a further 25% discount.

Simply purchase 3 (or any multiple of 3) in the normal way by adding to the cart.  Then email a copy of your purchase receipt to info@TeamGroupUK.com telling us which additional book(s) you would like and we will send the download links back to you.

To Summarise

Buy 3 – Get 1 free or Buy 6 – Get 2 free, etc.

This effectively reduces your overall cost to just $35.97 (approx. £25) per book.

Unique Guarantee

All books come with our unrivalled 12 Month Guarantee.

This will give you more than enough time to make full use of the book, finding ideas and stimulating your thinking process.

However, if at any time during the 12 months following purchase you can honestly say that your chosen Bumper Book has failed to meet your expectations then simply let us know and we will give you a full 100% refund – no questions asked.

What’s more – you may keep the book.  Nothing could be fairer than that.

The refund guarantee applies to your first purchase only and we’ll cover up to 2 books if purchased at the same time.

Affiliates Wanted

If you have a database of business executives and would like to become an Affiliate marketing these books, please send an email to Info@TeamGroupUK.com with the subject line AFFILIATE along with your contact details. Generous commissions are payable.